Metadata Creation Tool

ResCarta® Toolkit: ResCarta Metadata Creation Tool

The ResCarta Metadata Creation Tool creates object metadata (information about your objects that's stored with them in a digital format). Any new, digitized object that you create for inclusion in your digital collection needs object metadata in order to be organized and discovered.

The ResCarta Metadata Creation Tool includes several forms for metadata input, based on the varied types of digital objects. All metadata information you enter is stored in standard Library of Congress METS- and MODS-formatted XML files.  Photographic objects with original EXIF metadata have EXIF harvested automatically. Audio objects have  technical metadata stored in Library of Congress audioMD.  Video objects have technical metadata stored in NARA reVTMD standard.

The information entered into the various fields in the screens of this tool are converted to MODS xml format.

Your metadata is stored in a common, open and standard format.

 Screenshot of the Metadata Creation tool



Data Conversion Tool

ResCarta® Toolkit: ResCarta Data Conversion Tool 

The ResCarta Data Conversion Tool converts your TIFF, JPEG, PDF (image only), PDF (image and text), MP4 video and Wave Audio files into ResCarta archive data format.

The ResCarta archive data format for documents and photographs is comprised of TIFF 6.0 image files and Library of Congress METS-formatted XML files for object- and collection-level metadata, as well as a Library of Congress Standard MODS XML file, which is placed into the header of each TIFF file.  When you use the ResCarta Data Conversion Tool to convert image and text or Normal PDF files, the tool will also write the word data into a public tag along with word location and font information.The Data Conversion Tool uses the included Tesseract OCR project to create transcriptions of image files containing printed text.

ResCarta archive data format for Audio Objects is comprised of a Broadcast Wave file (With embedded Library of Congress Standard MODS XML file in the aXML chunk of BWF file and included BEXT metadata, and Transcription information, if any, stored in marker chunks), an OGG presentation audio file and a Library of Congress METS-formatted XML files for object- and collection-level metadata. The Data Conversion Tool uses the included CMU SPHINX project to create transcriptions of audio files containing spoken words.

ResCarta archive data format for Video Objects is comprised of an MPEG-4 video in an MP4 container with object level metadata expressed in METS.  The object may also contain SRT (SubRip Text) subtitle files in various languages.

Any new, digitized object that you create for inclusion in your ResCarta database needs to be converted into the ResCarta archive data format in order to be recognized.

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Collections Manager

ResCarta® Toolkit: ResCarta Collections Manager

The ResCarta Collections Manager is used for the creation of ResCarta-compliant collections and the addition to or deletion from a ResCarta collection of digital object. The ResCarta Collections Manager writes out a METS collection file which is stored at the top level of a ResCarta Data Archive. The ResCarta Collections Manager can also be used to convert the robust METS metadata to simple Dublin Core XML files for use in other systems or to  OAI_DC formatted XML files for use with OAI/PMH servers.

Screenshot of the Collections Manager


ResCarta® Toolkit: ResCarta Indexer

The ResCarta Indexer creates an Apache™ Lucene™ index of the ResCarta objects in your collections. Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java; it's a technology suitable for nearly any application requiring full-text search capabilities, particularly those which are cross-platform. The ResCarta Indexer uses simple entry of data locations to create this powerful index, which allows for high-speed access to the metadata and word data contained within your ResCarta collections (database).

Any changes you make to your collections (using the ResCarta Collections Manager) requires that a new index be built so that ResCartaWeb can accurately search the collection.

Apache and Lucene are trademarks of The Apache™ Software Foundation.

 Screenshot of the Indexer

Checksum Verification Tool

ResCarta® Toolkit: Checksum Verification Tool

The ResCarta Checksum Verification Tool verifies object checksums (computed values of data that are compared to ensure data accuracy) of your ResCarta-formatted data, to ensure the integrity of the each and every digital object in your ResCarta archive.

Textural Metadata Editor

ResCarta® Toolkit: ResCarta Textual Metadata Editor

The ResCarta Textual Metadata Editor adds, edits, or deletes textual metadata (searchable words that are stored with document images) to ResCarta-formatted documents. Documents that are scanned with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to PDF format and converted may require the use of the ResCarta Textual Metadata Editor to correct errors in the OCR output.

This tool can also be used to add search terms to photographs (Tagging) or other non-text objects. These search terms can be found using the full text search bar in ResCartaWeb.

 Textural Metadata Editor