Have a ScanDay or Create a Newspaper Archive

The first YouTube video above explains the concept of a "ScanDay"  and what it took a public library to create a Newspaper archive from rolls of microfilm.  The Door County Public Library site contains over 10,000 issues of historic newspapers from the area.  You can visit it at http://www.doorcountynewspapers.org/

The second shows a user request to handle Norwegian full text search and what it takes to make the ResCarta Toolkit handle multiple languages.  In twenty minues you can go from a multipage image only PDF, to a full text searchable web hosted newspaper.  You can visit the final archive at https://rescarta.apps.uwec.edu/Ager-Web/jsp/RcWebBrowseCollections.jsp


The OLDIES just tells you how long we have been at this.  The methods are the same but the resulting web display has improved (as well as OCR being incorporated in the Toolkit)  We've come a long way, and have more to do for you.