ResCarta® Toolkit Version 6.0.6

64 bit Machines Should download 64 bit JAVA prior to installing the ResCarta Toolkit

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The ResCarta Toolkit is professional grade software designed to build and organize your digital collections.

The Toolkit is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license and you are free to use the software, subject to the license agreement.

New for Version 6.0.6

This is a minor release that updates MARC Relator list and makes N-grams optional.  Enhancements for ResCarta-Web includes displaying country names rather than codes in the facet display and results for colletion only facet sets are now cached. Corrects a bug in ResCarta-Web causing  facets not to appear in their original case, one that caused facets not to sort properly and other  minor fixes to  ResCarta-Web.  You can see the complete release notes here.  

Version 6.0.5

This release adds EXIF support for TIF and JPG source files. It is now using org.json classes from Maven Central. A bug causing the dialogs not to be centered on multiple monitor setups has been corrected and one which caused a null pointer error on an empty index field configuration file. Also fixed bugs causing errors converting PDF files for which the media box or crop box is not specified at the page level and PDF files with an indexed black separation color space.You can see the complete release notes here

Version 6.0.4

This is a minor release but corrects a memory leak in the audio transcription process and there are major performance enhancements for ResCarta-Web.  A bug causing the browse page to misbehave when a collection has no objects has also been fixed. You can see the complete release notes here.  

Version 6.0.3

A bug causing JPEG compressed images to have color shifting after updating Oracle Java has been corrected. You can see the complete release notes here.  More features for ALTO creation.  Also several fixes for ResCarta-Web 6.0.2 have been included. 

Version 6.0.2

This release adds the ability to create custom subject topic listings. A bug causing non-English languages not to be recognized for OCR has been fixed. You can see the complete release notes here.  More features for ALTO creation.  Also several fixes for ResCarta-Web 6.0.1 have been included. 

Version 6.0.1

This is a minor release but has fixes for Windows 10 and MAC installation bugs.  You can see the complete release notes here.  Much of the work involves the adaption of ALTO creation.  Also several fixes for ResCarta-Web 6.0.0 have been included. 

Version 6.0.0

This is a major release. We have rewritten the Lucenetm web index to allow for searching through all content fields at once. Proximity searching has been improved. We now support Library of Congress ALTO formatting for storage of textural metadata (OCR output). See for more information on ALTO. 

You will have to update your collecton metadata by opening your existing RCDATA01 in Collection Manager Ver. 6 and reindex your collection with the Indexer Ver. 6. Your older index will remain intact and your older collecton metadata.xml file will then be metadata.bak.

Metadata supports multiple languages within an object.  Tesseract OCR responds to languages set in the metadata of the object.  

Metadata supports mutiple notes with attributes.

ResCarta-Web discovers custom notes and allows search and faceting using the administration tab.


New for 5.1.3

This is a minor release. Collections Manager: Rights data is correctly written to Dublin Core output. Unnecessary div IDs have been removed from METS output. Data Conversion Tool: A bug causing the tool to hang when looking for Ghostscript after a new installation has been fixed. ResCarta-Web: Printing JPEG compressed TIFF images using OpenJDK now works correctly.

 Release Notes

New for 5.1.2

This is a minor release. The performance of reading object structure from METS records has been improved.Command line tools for synchronizing object and collection metadata have been added. ResCarta-Web - Highlights now have a minimum height of 15px.

 Release Notes

New for 5.1.1

This is a minor but necessary release. An encoding bug causing garbled OCR text has been fixed. A bug causing images to sometimes display improperly when search terms are highlighted has been fixed.  A bug preventing audio playback on Android devices has been fixed. And the Toolkit documentaion has been updated.

Release Notes

New for 5.1.0

Integrated One-Click OCR of your images. This release incorporates the industry leading Automatic Audio Transciption, and now provides direct Optical Character Recognition of images. The Toolkit now includes the Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine. Originally developed at Hewlett Packard Laboratories Bristol and at Hewlett Packard Co, Greely Colorado, all the code is licensed under the Apache License.

The Data Conversion Tool can process simple image files into full text searchable digital objects. The tool can also be used to reprocess existing image only ResCarta Formatted data to full text searchable digital objects.

The Audio Transcription Editor will now save transcriptions to a text file from a simple menu click.

The cache management of ResCarta-Web has been improved along with a few features and the cleaning up of several bugs.

Release Notes


New for 5.0.6

5.0.6 corrects problems with Apache Tomcattm version 7.0.2x and Java version 8.x causing the web server not to start.  Fixed multiple collection facet bug. Hide tabs during login on a user secured site. Fixed spelling error of "Search" in English replacement values. Also added French to the selection of languages.  Cleaned up the interface and fixed some minor bugs.Release Notes

New for 5.0.5

5.0.5 corrects problems with Apache Tomcattm version 8.x  using the ROOT directory.  Also added French to the selection of languages.  Cleaned up the interface and fixed some minor bugs.Release Notes

New for 5.0.4

5.0.4 corrects problems with Apache Tomcattm version 8.x  and corrected an error in the boolean logic of the facets on ResCarta-Web.  Also added a feature allowing complete extraction of text from digital objects.  Cleaned up the interface and fixed some minor bugs. Release Notes

New for 5.0.3

5.0.3 adds more controls on the administration page of ResCarta-Web. ResCarta-Web supports sub-collections and paged collection browsing. Cleaned up the interface and fixed some minor bugs. Release Notes

New for 5.0.2

5.0.2 now makes internationalizaion easier. The ResCarta-Web application provides an easy to edit language file for displaying collections in native languages . Release Notes

New for 5.0.1

5.0.x now supports subcollections and a new more robust index. Coupled with the ResCarta-Web application this provides for faceted searching. Release Notes

Use of the 5.0.x toolkit requires the use of the ResCarta-Web version 5.0.0 or higher.

New for 4.0.7

4.0.x was a major release of the ResCarta Toolkit.  It adds support for audio archiving.

4.0.7 in an interim release to add support for 24-bit 96Khz audio, improve performance of the transcriber, and to correct some bugs. See the Release Notes for more information about the extent of the improvements.

The ResCarta Toolkit 4.0 supports the creation, archiving, indexing, discovery and display of audio information. This is a major update to the ResCarta Toolkit and is a continuation of the material types supported by the tools.  ResCarta Toolkit supports Monographs, Serials, Serial Monographs, Photographs, Newspapers and now Audio files.

This first release of ResCarta Audio will accept WAV formatted 16bit 44.1khz Mono or Stereo audio source files. The initial release will add metadata to the WAV and output a Broadcast Wav File (BWF) containing the source audio stream, BEXT technical metadata, MODS metadata stored in the aXML chunk and text transcription stored with location information in marker chunks. The transcription service is based on the CMU Sphinx toolkit. Audio transcription is performed in the Data Conversion Tool and can be activated or deactivated by a simple check box.

The ResCarta Toolkit Version 4.0 creates archive quality files from multiple sources.  You can scan paper documents and microfilm, convert born digital wordprocessing files and PDF formatted materials along with your oral history tapes or cdroms.

The ResCarta-Web application supports the full discovery of embedded metadata including the transcription text.  So you not only can find text in books, magazine articles and newspaper pages, but also in recorded news stories, oral histories and interviews. Similar to the location of words on a page of text, the ResCarta-Web application will locate and display the location of words in an audio stream.  The playback is supported in most major browsers without a plugin. You can search, discover and play back your audio archive using  Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and even Microsoft IE.

Also new to ResCarta-Web is the ability to clip text from pages containing text. The use of thumbnail images for navigation is support in Collections, browsing and object levels. Structural navigation is supported for books, pamphlets and newspapers.

Use of the 4.0.7 toolkit requires the use of the ResCarta-Web version 4.0.7 or higher.